Festivals season

It’s finally summertime which means no more school, no more library and no more homework. This is the period where I can relax. It’s truly the most beautiful time of the year, [...]

The Jumpsuit

I always wanted to have a jumpsuit, but I could never seem to find the perfect one. So when I saw that Zara had one in their new collection I felt like a little child in a candy shop. I know that [...]

Mr. Leon in Paris

Bonjour, ca va? Moi ca va bien. Look at me speaking French after being three days in Paris (credits are due to Google Translate LOL). Paris is absolutely wonderful with great architecture, the [...]

Rhythm Nation 2.0

People who grew up in the 80’s / 90’s surely remember artists like Micheal Jackson and Janet Jackson. The latter I really admire especially for her contribution to the music industry [...]

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