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TjonLeon is not only a platform for our own self expression, but we also see it as a possibility to do creative direction for other companies. This is reflected in this blogpost.  Not to long ago we came in contact with the well-known celebrity hair salon Chokka’s. After a few meetings we decided to create new visuals for their website. Chokka’s is famous for doing celebrity hair such as Edsilia Rombley, Shirma Rouse, Rochelle, Jasmine Sendar, Sylvana Simons and Gerda Havertong.

As creative directors we make sure that the client doesn’t have to do anything. This means that we set up the concept and we assemble the team (which is constituted by the make up artist, photographer, stylist, hairstylist and the models). For this particular job we wanted the visual to reflect on the different hair types  that Chokka’s caters to.

The team 

Our team consisted out of fashion photographer Rachel Schraven, who’s work has been published in many magazines such as L’Homme, Zodiac and Elegant magazine. The fashion stylists who we’ve worked with were Ashley Overbeek and Tricja Styling, who has worked with Tulp Magazine, Sapph and personalities such as Jim Bakkum and Victoria Koblenko. And last but not least our wonderful Mac makeup artist Joel Sasabone.

If you are interested in our services send us an e-mail.

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Chokka shoot24666bew

Chokka shoot25453 bew

Chokka shoot24994-bew

Models: Varusa Misidjan, Sippora Jack


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