The Jumpsuit

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I always wanted to have a jumpsuit, but I could never seem to find the perfect one. So when I saw that Zara had one in their new collection I felt like a little child in a candy shop. I know that some guys think that jumpsuits are only worn by women, but I dare you guys to step out of your comfort zone. The jumpsuit that I’m wearing comes in three shades: black, green and beige. I’m personally fond on the green jumpsuit, because it matches my skin tone very well. The only thing I have with wearing a jumpsuit is, when you have to go to the bathroom and you need to take of the whole jumpsuit. Yeah, that can be troubling when you need to do a number 2. Anyways I love this jumpsuit. Take a look and send us your jumpsuit version.

XX Mr Leon

Wearings: Zara Jumpsuit, Tricot jacket, Black sneakers










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