DIY: Vanity Under 50 Bucks!!!

So I’ve recently moved on to a new cute apartment and this seemed the perfect moment to fulfill my lifelong dream of having a vanity!

Now the space I have is just about as small as my budget (I mean to move can cost about a leg and an arm…. and let’s face it I can be a bit stingy from time to time so i sure as hell was not gonna spend a whole lot of coins on this one). It was a real challenge to create a cute vanity that looks nice but also stays within my 50 euro budget. I hope you Love bugs will be able to create  fun and cheap vanity’s to,  if not then here are a few pointers to help you along!




First I needed to get some inspiration, and nothing helps you deal with inspiration like Pinterest does! After a while I knew exactly how I wanted my vanity to look…. TIME FOR ACTION!

The vanity itself is pretty simple, I have selected 2 White Wall/book shelves from Ikea (series LACK) each only costs 10 euro. Above it I hung a big vintage mirror I got (stole) from my mom. You can find beautiful mirrors at flea markets but if you don’t have time to stroll around old stuff all day, you can also just go to Ikea again and get a nice CHEAP mirror from there. With a number of small baskets I purchased  for 0,50 cent a pop at the Xenox we can call it a day and start with the fun part: Decorate the vanity! ( gosh if I use the word vanity one more time! ).




I found this adorable little basket in the Xenox for only 5 bucks. The color fits right in with my bedroom. I  keeping my pallets in there. The Cup ( I got for 1 euro ) is actually meant for your toothbrush, however, I am using it for  my cotton pads witch I store in there.



And how cool is this! Pinterest is full of them, glass cups for your make-up brushes stuffed with a filling of choice (think coffee beans or marbles. I have chosen stones from Ikea to fill my cups with) . The glass cups I got from the Leen Bakker for only 2 euro a piece.

After I put it all together is was very pleased with the results, not only does it look great I actually stayed well within budget! So you see, you don’t have to spend a lot of cash to make something look good!



IMG_3104 (1)

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