4 reasons why Louie Louie is the place to go!

If there is one neighborhood in Amsterdam that is worth visiting, it is Amsterdam-East, especially the lively Linnaeusstraat. The Linnaeusstraat is packed with great bars, cafés and pubs but where can one go when you need a solid bottom to soak up all that liquor your about to consume? The long-awaited Louie Louie is open to public and offers an excellent solution if you are looking for a snack, a drink and a good dose of conviviality.
Here 4 reasons why Louie Louie should be your new go-to hotspot!

1. Interior

In the old building that was once the home of East of Eden, the Louie Louie team have worked hard to create this new place-2-be. The result: an impressive bar, with an equally impressive and particular beautiful interior design. Not to mention the huge windows that not only let in an abundance of light  but also looks over the huge attractive terrace! Especially for this new location team Louie Louie has enabled the help of, Lux & Weber and concept store 290sqm.com. Funny fact: the concept of this café is inspired by a song by The Kingsmen.


2. Conjo Good!

Louie Louie is the place to be if you want to have breakfast, lunch and dinner Louie Louie has food for each part of the day. Breakfast includes toasted bananabread with fresh fruit, yogurt with granola, tasty croissants, churros or oatmeal. For lunch they serve poached eggs with all kinds of toppings, salads, sweet potato and tortilla soup and sandwiches with fried chicken or fried fish. Till 22:00 Louie Louie will serve mouth-watering dishes, ranging from tacos with chicken/pork/beef or fried fish but also skewers with octopus, salads, ceviche and tostada’s. Food fact: the sweet potato fries are literally the best item on the menu, delicious as a side dish with… well with everything actually.
The food at Louie Louie is inspired by the South American kitchen, and with dishes with funny names like Conjo Lekker it is pretty clear that Louie Louie is always in for a joke.

3. Mojito Maddness

In addition to Mezcal, Tequila  and all kinds of different types of beer on tap such as Funny Falcon, Punk Ipa and La Chouffe, they also have their “own”  beer called the Louie Louie. A nice white beer with citrus by Two Chefs Brewing. The real showstoppers, however, are the various Mojitos with passion fruit, hibiscus and green tea. Delicious, refreshing and thirst quenching without alcohol, great and energy boosting with alcohol!


4. Money well spend

Louie Louie is a great place to relax with a cup of coffee, or to turn-up with a glass of beer in your hand bouncing away the evening. The price quality, compared to what you get in return is what we love to see! You can drink and eat but not immediately get into serious debt when doing so. With Louie Louie  Amsterdam-East has yet another nice all-day cafe to hang-out and unwind!






Louie Louie

Linnaeusstraat 11A

1093 EC Amsterdam

Telefoon:020 370 2981


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