Introducing Project TjonLeon

Some people are book smart and others are street smart. The best part about working with your best friend is that you can compliment each other in area’s where you may lack. Where Edo can excel in some parts, Brenda excels in other areas. Because of that, we both seem to find a good cohesion in our creativity.

We decided to create Project TjonLeon to the experiment with that. In this project we want to showcase our skills as creative directors, this can be through photography or videos you name it. The first project we did were the shoots for our blog, this is sort of our business card.

We have had the great pleasure of working with photographer Armando Branco who has been published in magazines such as Winq, DNA, Squeeze, Link, Mate, Blu, Flux, MM, MMS and also has his own modeling agency called Ficmodels.

When the idea of Project TjonLeon arose Armando Branco was the first photographer that came to our minds. Edo had the pleasure of working with him a few times before and always considered him as a talented photographer. With his sincere personality and his ‘straight to the point’ way of talking, he created an ambiance where everything fell into place and together we created a cool piece of art.

We are very pleased with the results and hope you like them to!






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