Trend update: Bell Bottem Jeans

So in fashion there is this term called “Tigersrung”. Tigersprung is this phenomenon which means that something that was trending in fashion back in the days, will always make its way back every  10 to 20 years or so.

I work on the marketing department of this company and one of my colleagues (knowing that I blog) wanted to help me out, so he gave me some advice (advice I didn’t ask for Ronny, but thanks anyway papi, me love you long time). He swore to me the bell bottom jeans where back and that I should write about it right away. and he was right so Ronny, here we go.
Bell bottoms are a trend that started out in the 70ties and is a pant that flare out starting at the knee.
Not to be confused with boot-cut or wide-legged denim, bell bottoms become wider from the knee down than boot-cut do.
Wear these things with a pair of heels and your legs will look like the legs of a damn Victoria’s Secret model no matter how fluffy you are!
You can wear this pant with a sexy crop top or an oversized sweater, you are going to be looking flawless anyway.
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