Should guys pluck their eyebrows?

Growing up it was a big NO NO for a guy to pluck his eyebrows. It was seen as an act what’s exercised predominantly by women. It wasn’t seen as macho, but times have changed. With growing trends such as the metrosexual men, who is known for the amount of effort he puts into his appearance, is it now possible for men to pluck their eyebrows without being emasculated by society? I think that although we made a lot of progress, I still think that it is widely unacceptable and especially for straight guys to pluck their eyebrows.  I think that for many women it would be unattractive if their guys eyebrows were better shaped, than theirs. For gays guys, on the other hand, it is wideley accepted to pluck their eyebrows. So for me, when I’m at the barber, I always ask him to pluck mine. It feels like when my eyebrows are plucked that it finishes and compliments my look. But I do feel sad for the men who feel like, due to the social judgement, they can’t pluck their eyebrows. So especially for them I call for an eyebrow revolution. Talking about goals LOL.

What do you think of this matter? Tell me all about it. XX

Source Photo: Cheatsheet

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