GET READY WITH ME: Birthday Edition!!!

So yes I am turning the big 31 this year and I was thinking, let me celebrate it a little differently this time around. Normally I’m not really the going to the club kinda gal (I’m perfectly satisfied with a nice dinner and a cocktail or two), however comma this year I feel like cutting a rug. So to look my absolute best on my B-day and to include you lovely divas. I decided to do a get ready with me: Birthday Edition, hope you guys like it!

Step 1: pampering nation!


“If You A Fly Girl, Get Your Nails Done, Get A Pedicure And Get A DIY Facial” (yes I did alter the Missy Elliot lyrics to suit my blog).
Step 2: face beating time!


I love this part right here. From drab to fab all in about 30 minutes y’all.
Step 4: And probably the single mort important step….the alcohol break.


Step 5: The finished product.


It takes a village to make me look like this!

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