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A few days ago I made a video and posted it on my social media. The video got a lot of views in a short amount of time. While a lot of people had great things to say about the content of the video people had just as much to say about my hair.
And come to think of it, the hair I was wearing in the video really looked good so I decided to do a blog about it.
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The hair I am wearing is Top Quality 7A Brazilian Curly Virgin Hair (with Closure) by a company called UNice Hair. I make wigs and a customer of mine brought the hair to my attention. I fel in love with the hair at once!
The hair comes in a cute white box with the company logo on it. When you open the box obviously you will find the hair but also a set of fals eyelashes, I have not tried these yet.
I orders 3 bundles in the lengths 22 inches, 20 inches, 18 inches and a 16 inch closure.
Now when you first unpack the hair the curls are very tight so don’t be alarmed by that. I went ahead and co-washed the hair with the shea moister conditioner. When I rinsed the hair I made sure to actually leave the majority of the conditioner in the hair and let it air dry. After that I made the wig.
When I unpacked the hair I was kind of scared that I should have ordered an extra bundle, I taught it was not going to be full enough. However after making the wig I saw that it turned out perfectly.
The hair does mat a tiny bit in the back of the head also it sheds but that’s like 3 or 4 strands of hair when I finger detangle the hair at the end of each day. The hair is extremely soft and when you first get it, it does not have a bad odor.
The best part about this hair and the company is the price the hair retails for and the service. I got the 3 bungles and the closure for only €125,84! Also the hair arrived in like a record time! I got it within 4 days which never happened before.
I absolutly LOVE this hair and company Will definitely order with UNICe hair again!
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