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Have you ever felt insecure about the color of your teeth? Or are you a heavy smoker, or do your drink a lot of coffee? I got the best and relatively cheap solution to whiten your yellow teeth!

Let me first tell you about my experience with whitening my teeth. The first time I whiten my teeth was a few years ago at a professional whitening company. I had to pay 300 euros, but the result wasn’t amazing. My teeth did get whiter, but not in an astonishing way. So I was really disappointed and thought that it was a waist of money and time. Then a colleague told me about a product a friend of her was using.  The product that her friend was using was Crestwhite strips. I looked into it and ordered the Advanced Vivid version (There are eight different types of Crestwhite strips and the Advanced vivid ones are most used).

The treatment is dispersed over 14 days and every day you need to apply a strip upon your teeth for a half an hour and after the 14 days you will see a massive difference in the color of your teeth. The treatment doesn’t hurt, but your teeth may feel a little bit sensitive during the treatment. I paid 54,95 for the total package and I’m really satisfied with the results.

On that note keep on smiling with Crest White strips.


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P.S.I bought my Crest white strips at

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