Long nails: No problem

It’s always been a rule of mine; either fake nails or a good ass wig, but NEVER EVER both! That’s just too much for me.

I don’t know what it is but with longer nails your hands seem more graceful and there is more space for nail polish which also looks nicer. My nails never grow longer by itself, hell they used to break with each hand movement I made (and I’m a black female hand and head movements is what we do)

I always needed a little help when it came up to my nails, and Herome has always been my choice of nail drug.

Using Herome nail hardener can change every nasty-looking nail on your hand and will transform your fingers from dusty looking biches in graceful pointers. You can get Herome in 3 different types; soft, strong and extra strong and currently I am using soft on my nails.

I have been using Herome a number of years and when I stop I can immediately kiss my beautiful long nails goodbye. So you will always find a fresh bottle Herome in my house, ain’t no way your gonna catch my chunky ass hands without long nails no ma’am!

How does it work? On day 1 you apply a layer of the nail hardener on your nail and on day 2 another layer. On day 3 you remove the polish and apply a fresh new layer. You repeat this process for about two weeks. (as it says on the package, however I continue the process. I don’t wanna hear nothing)

The Nail polish prevent oxygen to get to your nails, so they get harder and longer. However If you apply too many layers (for example, 5 layers) your nails will start to hurt because there is too little oxygen added. So don’t get to wild with the layers.

Now my nails are strong, I don’t have to look after them constantly. The biggest problem; I injured myself every now and then because they are so terribly long wink wink.

You can find Herome nail hardener at the local drugstore and costs about € 13.

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